The Tobin School

Spotlight on Specialists: Jacey Shumaker

Our faculty focus is on our amazing American Sign Language specialist, Jacey Shumaker!

Jacey Shumaker is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist with 22 years experience. She runs a private practice in downtown Natick and works in a local school, working with students with all varieties of speech and

language challenges. As a child, she took a sign language class and loved it, forging the way for her love of communication in general. She went on to study Speech-Language Pathology at Emerson College, where she performed in a sign language group (all around Boston) and worked in a preschool for deaf/Deaf/hard of hearing children. After receiving her Master’s Degree from Northeastern University, she worked at Perkins School for the Blind, Deafblind Program, where she furthered her sign language skills. Although she no longer uses much of her sign language experience, she continues to adore passing on the love of sign language to her preschool students and inspiring them to enjoy it as well.

Jacey has worked with us for several years and provides monthly American Sign Language sessions to all our Tobin Children’s School classes.