The Tobin School

TCS Celebrates Kindness Week in Natick

March 22-26, 2021
It was a busy Kindness Week at TCS and it was wonderful to see all our classrooms get in the spirit of this effort. We wanted to share the whole range of efforts by our students and teachers during this busy week:
  • Our Infant Class used crayons, bingo markers, and paint to decorate letters to share our message this week in their window: BE KIND
  • Our Older Infant Class spent the week focusing on acts of kindness and helpfulness–both inside and out–marking all the ways these young children were able to help out and show kindness. We loved reading about all the examples of children sharing toys, helping their friends and teachers, and showing their classmates and teachers how much they care about each other. They also planted some seeds for our Garden of Kindness effort and created “Be Kind Whenever Possible…It’s Always Possible” creations to send home to their families.
  • Our Toddler One Class practiced being gentle and kind with their baby dolls this week–they do love their babies in this class! They also planted seeds for our Garden of Kindness effort and decorated a giant exclamation point for a message soon to be posted on the playground fence. They also started work on some Kindness Rocks to include in our Kindness Garden.
  • Our Toddler Two Class enjoyed making each other happy with smile masks, happy collages, and a giant happy sun this week as they explored emotions. They also decorated a giant letter I for our upcoming playground fence message, decorated Kindness Rocks for our future Kindness Garden, and planted seeds to add to this new area. They also joined with teachers, Ashley Gagnon & Stefania Sorrenti, to create a The Natick Organic Farm Needs our Help song! Amazing!
  • Our Toddler Three Class painted Kindness Rocks and planted seeds for our soon-to-be-created TCS Garden of Kindness. They also practiced their kind sharing skills with our two new Cozy Coupes and our new camping toys in our teepee play area. Finally they decorated a giant letter D for our playground fence message to be put up next week. This group also showed their very kind listening skills for Mr. Branch, Ms. Hughes, and Ms. Gerrity’s VIT days.
  • Our Preschool One Class created a long list of ways we can be kind to our community, played a sorting game showing different acts of kindness, painted Kindness Rocks and planted seeds for our Garden of Kindness (their seeds are flourishing in their class greenhouse!). They also decorated a giant K for our playground fence message, read books about being kind and created a PS1 Kindness Jar to keep track of all their classroom kind acts. PS1 was also surprised by another class full of Kindness Fairies (PreK1) who left some special natural items for them in the Loose Parts Area to create with.
  • Our Preschool Two Class also planted seeds for our Garden of Kindness and decorated special Kindness Rocks. We also decorated a giant letter or our playground message and Mr. Frempong kindly shared popsicles with all the class on his last day at TCS.
  • Our PreK One Class started their own Kindness Rocks Initiative to shine a spotlight on kindness here at school. They add scoop of kindness rocks to their jar for the kind deeds they see and are planning a celebration when their jar is full. This group also acted as Kindness Fairies surprising the PS1 class with some special items before their playground time. The students also planted sunflower seeds, spearmint, chia seeds, and green beans and decorated Kindness Rocks for our soon-to-be Garden of Kindness. They also read some special books with a Kindness theme and decorated a giant letter for our soon-to-be-installed playground fence message.
  • Our PreK Two Class read the book, “I’m thankful each day” and talked about all things we are thankful for, then talking about the ways we can, in turn, show kindness to the people, animals, and the environment. They planted flower seeds for our Garden of Kindness, decorated a giant letter for our playground fence message, and worked on beautiful Kindness Rocks to decorate our new garden. They also created a paper Kindness Quilt which is being displayed on our 2nd floor.
So many thanks to all our wonderful students and teachers for their wonderful kindness each and every day!