The Tobin School

TCS “Change for a Change” Campaign to Help Endangered African Elephant

Closeup of elephant eating a small tree branchOur TCS students voted and this year’s “Change for a Change’ campaign supported endangered African Elephants! We collected loose change to donate to the World Wildlife Fund to contribute to their good work and to symbolically adopt an elephant for TCS.  Collection boxes were available in all our classrooms and we added some new books to our TCS library so we could all learn more about these amazing creatures!

Did you know?

  • Elephants are endangered due to poaching for the illegal wildlife trade.
  • Africa is home to two species of elephants: Savanna (or bush) elephants live in open, grassy woodlands. Forest elephants live in the rain forest.
  • Savanna elephants graze on grasses but also eat plants and fruits.
  • Forest elephants feed mostly on fruit but also eat leaves, seeds, and tree bark.
  • Elephants are the largest land animal, living up to 60-70 years.
  • They communicate through vibrations including their trumpet calls and seismic signals which create vibrations they can detect through their bones.
  • Baby elephants can stand within 20 minutes of birth!
  • Elephants hate bees! Oftentimes, bee’s are installed near crop fields to help save the crops.
  • 90% of African elephants have been wiped out in the past century.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to collect over $130.00 in change and bills to donate to the World Wildlife Fund and symbolically adopt an elephant here at Tobin, as well as providing funds to support these endangered animals. Our adorable stuffed elephant has arrived and will visit all our Tobin Children’s School classrooms in the next few weeks. Thanks so much for supporting our Change for a Change Drive!!