The Tobin School

TCS has “Adopted” a Dolphin!

dolphinThis year for our annual Change for a Change campaign, the voting was fierce. Our classrooms voted on an endangered animal to sponsor, and while American Bison was a close second, this year we chose the Dolphin!

We set to work collecting change to help support dolphins here at TCS. We also read lots of books about dolphins, watched videos to see them in their natural habitat, learned about their diet and the fun sounds they make! Did you know that Dolphins are endangered? We didn’t either! As a result of whaling and other human and natural influences, many species of dolphins are considered to be in danger of extinction according to the Endangered Species Act. And because our knowledge about most dolphins is lacking, there may be many more dolphin species in danger.

We closed out our Change for a Change campaign right after Valentine’s Day and the coins have been counted. With our donations we were able to symbolically adopt a dolphin through the World Wildlife Federation. Our $100 donation will go to supporting WWF’s world-wide conservation efforts, saving endangered wildlife, and protecting fragile ecosystems. Our adoption certificate and our very own stuffed dolphin is on its way to us. Thanks to everyone who supported our Change for a Change campaign!