The Tobin School

TCS PreK Celebrates Wedding of Q & U

Q&U Wedding CeremonyOn Thursday, March 20th, our PreK 1 classroom celebrated the wedding of the letters Q and U. Complete with a decorations, procession, ceremony with vows, fancy dress (including flower headbands and bouquets & ties and boutonnieres), dancing, and a special wedding snack; the students and teachers marked the important relationship that Q & U have in forming words. The students were so very excited and their enthusiasm rubbed off on the entire school.

We wanted to share some pictures and the wedding vows of Q & U with all of you! Wishing Q & U many happy years ahead!


The Q and U Wedding Vow

Q&U Wedding CelebrationDearly Beloved Boys and Girls, and All Letters of the Alphabet,

We are gathered here today to unite Q and U forever.

When Q and U realized they couldn’t go anywhere in a word without each other, they knew they will have to be together forever.

Together they will forever make the sound of /qu/ as in words like quick, quack, quilt.

Mr. U will continue to be in some words by himself often without Ms. Q. They have agreed to have it that way for example: umbrella, under, uncle and underwear.

Ms. Q, do you promise to have and to be next to Mr. U in words? ( I do)

Do you promise to make the sound /qu/ together? ( I do)

Do you promise to be in words like quack, quiet, quack and quilt? ( I do)

Mr. U do you promise to make words on your own without Ms. Q? Words like umbrella, under, uncle and underwear? ( I do)

Then with all of us here today. I pronounce you as Q and U together forever.

You may now join Q and U on the carpet for celebration and dancing. Then on to the tables for special wedding snack.