The Tobin School

TCS Sr. Lead Teacher Partners with Slumberkins

Sr. Lead Teacher Nicole Urmston, TCS PS1, discovered the Slumberkins social-emotional program when spending time with her niece. She immediately saw the appeal of the child-friendly characters, with stories that focused on important social-emotional skills accompanied by simple affirmations. She shared the program with the TCS Administrators and chose to pilot the program during the 2020-2021 school year in her PS1 classroom. The students in this classroom were so receptive to the characters, that PS2 jumped on board to try it out.

Fast forward in time and the Slumberkins program, which was created for home use, had grown to include many new characters, social-emotional topics, and added materials geared toward early childhood education use.  When planning our full-school transition for mid-July, Nicole chose to use a new tool called Camp Slumberkins, which was a four week program with a story featuring a new character each week that guided the children through different aspects to help the children develop a growth mindset. The program was a great addition to our summer fun as it featured a book that progressed each week featuring Bigfoot trying to find “The Lost City” and included accompanying maps, badges and activities that allowed the children to join Bigfoot on his journey. This four mini-lesson program was perfect to kick off our new school year in Preschool 1 as they used it to teach concepts like trying your best, being flexible, knowing when you need to take a break, and persevering.

Nicole took the materials and ran with them, creating a special Camp Slumberkins area in her classroom, along with an ocean world to mimic their undersea travels on their treasure hunt. The children loved all the fun activities from coloring a large Slumberkins themed mandala, to navigating a chalk maze. Beyond the fun, the children also retained the lessons and would apply them to other situations such as encouraging each other to try their best or looking for new ways through. When Nicole shared some of her classroom decor on the Slumberkins Facebook page, they took notice and asked to interview her about her use of the program. They were so excited about what they heard that they invited Nicole to share a video of how she used the materials with them for their website and offered her a Slumberkins gift card to explore more of their materials.

We are so proud of Nicole and her efforts to bring this wonderful curriculum tool to our TCS community! You can check out a video from The Slumberkins website showing Nicole sharing her use of the program here. (You will find her photo and the video at the bottom of this page.)