The Tobin School

Tobin Children’s School Launches UpBup

Application for Enrollment Paperwork

In an effort to make our annual enrollment paperwork process a bit more parent-friendly, we have partnered with UpBup. UpBup is an application that parents can use to efficiently complete requested enrollment forms. Parents create a secure, individual account that they can login anytime to prepare, submit, view or change enrollment forms.



Why UpBup?

  • Faster and easier than paper forms
  • Answers are reused between forms
  • Emergency contact and guardian info reused between siblings
  • Dual-parent login. Each parent or guardian has their own login
  • Can upload scans, pictures, or PDFs of other forms or photos

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security considerations are a top priority at UpBup. UpBup is designed to comply with Massachusetts’ privacy laws, which are some of the strictest in the country.

UpBup ha been developed to care for child information based upon high security industry best practices used in the banking and aerospace industries. UpBup is hosted in the United States on highly secure servers managed by one of the largest cloud providers.

We are excited about making this change at all our Tobin Family of Schools programs–making it possible to register multiple siblings at different locations off of one parent account. If you have questions about this system or are interested in learning more, please contact Lori Davis at